SUPER73-S2 and RX: "Off-Road Throttle Package" and Riding Modes

All of our Super73 models come as street-legal Electrically Power Assisted Cycles (EPAC) as per European regulations and do not require a driver’s license or registration. The speed is limited to 25 km/h with a continuous rated power of 250-watt motor. Please check your local regulations to see if your country has any extra requirements.

Four Riding Modes

  • Mode 1/ Default Mode: EPAC (Electrically Power Assisted Cycles) with Pedal Assist at up to 25 km/h 250-watt motor output (street legal for all European countries) 
  • Mode 2: Pedal Assist up to 35 km/h (Private Land Use ONLY)
  • Mode 3: Pedal Assist up to 45 km/h (Private Land Use ONLY)
  • Mode 4: “Unlimited Mode” with throttle only, up to 50 km/h + (Private Land Use ONLY) It allows you to fully control the power output of the motor and push it to its peak power. Made for off-road riding. 

In each riding mode, you have 4-speed levels. So in total, there are 16 different configurations you can choose from. Example, Riding mode 2: Speed Level 3. 

What is “Unlimited mode”?
For our new models, the SUPER73-S2 and SUPER73-RX, we offer an Off-Road Throttle Package as well as the option for “Unlimited mode”. Just like the bikes sold in the United States, the Unlimited mode gives you the option of going from the standard 250-watt continuous motor power output to higher speeds by releasing the full 1200 watt nominal power and 2000 watt peak motor power of the bike.

How to access the different riding modes
The RX and S2 will always default to the standard EPAC 250w Riding Mode 1 when the bike is first turned on. 

To enable Riding Modes 2 to 4: “Unlimited Mode”, the rider needs to launch the Super73 App, accept the terms and conditions and activate the desired riding mode which will unlock the extra power and speed.
To activate the “Unlimited Mode”, users need to acquire the Off-Road Throttle Package as well as activate that mode on the Super73 App. 

When the bike is turned off, the next time it is turned on it will once again default to the EPAC 250w Riding Mode 1 which will limit the power (250w), speed (25 km/h) and will disable the throttle if one has been added to the bike. To activate it again, you need to enable it on the app. 

How do you get the Off-Road Throttle Package?
We will be releasing information such as pricing and contents on this package around the time the bikes start shipping. Reminder, this throttle package is not required to go faster than 25 km/h since those riding modes are available via selection in the app and through pedal assist.

Important: Customers who enable Unlimited Mode must know that this is solely for private land use and may not be used on public streets and public land. Enabling Unlimited Mode does not automatically classify the bike as a 45 km/h “speed pedelec” which requires the bike to be homologated specifically for that class and the rider to obtain insurance and register the vehicle. Think of the Unlimited Mode as a way to transform your daily driver into the ultimate weekend off-road adventure machine for as long as you ride on private property.

Our recommendation
The S2 and RX bikes were designed to be powerful, fast, and enjoyed. We are making sure this experience is felt in Europe and everywhere around the world. We are following regulations without dampening the Super73 experience. While we understand your need for speed, we recommend following European rules and regulations. 

WATCH: RX and S2 Riding Modes and speed levels explained